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The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret

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7 Ways Fiber is a Miracle Ingredient

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Fiber Diet Supplements & Weight Loss Support Products

  1. Fiber helps you lose weight.
  2. Fiber helps you maintain your ideal weight for life.
  3. Fiber helps reduce risk of heart attack.
  4. Fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  5. Fiber helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  6. Fiber promotes bowel regularity.
  7. Fiber helps improve immunity.

A diet with fiber is important, but not all fiber diets are equal

Reward your body with the best nutrition possible, like the fiber diet foods, snacks and high fiber supplements formulated just for The Fiber35 Diet.

Combined with sensible eating habits and regular exercise, each high fiber diet food product and fiber diet supplement was developed to support your weight loss goals. Our delicious FitSmart protein and fiber bars help satisfy hunger in between meals, and our FitSmart high fiber liquid diet shakes are great meal replacements. In addition, our nutrient-rich dietary supplements will assist your commitment to healthy living. A high fiber diet is the smart way to get fit!

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"A Fiber Diet That Works" - Read What Real People Are Saying

  Ashleigh Before Ashleigh Before

Ashleigh K. Lost 53 Pounds with The Fiber35 Diet

"The Fiber35 Diet really works, and the personalized plan has made it easy for me to lose weight and keep it off. I’m not hungry all the time because I get to eat every few hours, and the food is delicious and it keeps me satisfied all day long."

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  Ashleigh Before Ashleigh After

Karyn J. Lost 40 Pounds with The Fiber35 Diet

"..The Fiber35 Diet was a natural fit for me. It works with my busy schedule and allows me to continue eating foods I love.."

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  Karen Before Karen After

Karen C. Lost 20 Pounds with The Fiber35 Diet

"After struggling with my weight for over a year after my son was born, someone told me about the Fiber35 Diet and the pounds finally came off!"

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  Cedric Before Cedric After

Cedric B. Lost 27 Pounds with The Fiber35 Diet

"Even though I was an avid weightlifter for years, I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted when it came to losing weight and getting fit. But just one year with the Fiber35 Diet and all of that changed! My waist size dropped from a 36 to a 31, and my body fat decreased from 16% to 8%!"

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A High Fiber Foods Diet: The Smart Way to Get Fit

The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret is a lifetime system of optimum nutrition based upon eating 35 grams of fiber every day. It includes a full line of wholesome shakes and snack bars formulated to help boost your daily fiber intake, as well as dietary fiber supplements to support your efforts. Fiber is the natural appetite suppressant that allows you to reduce calories, which is the only way to lose weight. Fiber (plus its nutrient friends with whom it travels) also helps the body fight disease.

High Fiber Diet Foods, Weight Support Products & Fiber Supplements

The Fiber35 Diet line of weight loss support products and high fiber supplements was  formulated by digestive care expert Brenda Watson, and developed by ReNew Life Formulas, America's #1 Digestive Care Company.

As a producer of award-winning natural health supplements, products, and functional foods for digestive health and healthy weight management, ReNew Life follows the philosophy that, combined with a sensible diet, only through proper digestion can the body obtain the nutrition it requires to achieve and maintain optimal health, energy and mental well-being.


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